Merging quotes

Merging quotes

Merging quotes

How to merge quotes

It’s possible to merge between two and up to 10 quotes on into one quote.

Start by navigating to quote overview page. To see all available quotes, make sure that timeframe filter is set to “All time”.

Quotes eligible for merger must be in status “Quote received” or “Expired”. All quotes eligible for merging will have little tick box visible. Ticking box will mark a quote and marking two or more quotes eligible for merger will enable the bulking action “Merge quotes”.  Click on “Merge quotes”

This opens an overview.

  • First, review and confirm merger of quotes
  • Secondly, select parent quote. Parent quote is the quote ID, to which all quotes’ item lines and quantities are merged to and which will remain on Shop.Veastas. The other quotes are referred to as child quotes.
  • Thirdly, “Merge Quotes”
  • Quote merger is now successful

Parent quote remains on Shop.Vestas and contains lines items and quantities from all the merged quotes. All the child quotes, from which item lines and quantities have been merged, are cancelled automatically and are no longer visible to customer on Shop.Vestas.

In parent quote activity history section on quote detail page, merge quote comment line is added followed by quote changed comments with item details.