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Shop.Vestas is the industry’s leading e-commerce platform for ordering wind turbine related spare parts and services, across brands.

It features a large breadth of services and spare parts, convenient 24/7 access, and tools to optimize the buying process.

Building on the scale and global reach of Vestas, the platform operates in more than 80 countries around the world.

More than 80,000 spare parts for multiple brands

Shop.Vestas is a one-stop-shop for spare parts and services in the wind industry.

Get access and browse the world's largest wind turbine spare parts and service online catalogue.

More than 80,000 spare parts and more than 60 service offerings online. 24/7 accessibility.

More than 9,500 multibrand parts for Vestas, GE, Siemens, Gamesa, Suzlon and Senvion turbines.

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Search and browse spare parts

Search the spare parts you need.

Use the search function on Shop.Vestas and search by for instance part IDUNSPC code or category

Browse spare parts by part categoryturbine type or OEM brand by using the navigation menu.

You can also create a complete list of Maintenance Parts Bundles you need for servicing your turbines.

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Real photos and detailed parts data

Parts identification has never been easier.

Real parts photos, line drawings and detailed assembly drawings are featured to make your research easier.

Comprehensive technical information such as technical specifications, ECCMA data and UNSPC codes is also there to support you.

All this comes together with real-time pricesstock availability and estimated delivery times (where applicable). 


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Build your shopping cart fast and easily

Once you have identified the right parts or services, you can add them to the shopping cart straight from the product page.

Use bulk ordering if you know the articles ID or name, and make it even easier by typing ID information and adding directly to the cart.

Do you have a list of parts ID and desired quantities? Use the copy/paste function, copy/paste IDs and quantities from your list into field and add the whole list to cart in one go.

Want to send a list of Shop.Vestas items to a colleague? Build a product list, send them the list on the same Shop.Vestas account and add product from the list straight to your cart.

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Place orders and request quotes on Shop.Vestas

Order your spare parts and have them delivered directly to the selected address and at the preferred delivery time.

You can also request quotes online and a Vestas representative will get back to you with a price offer and shipment information.

In case you want to order the same parts as last time, simply use the re-order function, making it fast and easy for you. 

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Quotes and orders status and overview

See the full overview of quotes and orders, including delivery status and prices.

See shipment status on item level for each order.

Follow the activity history on quotes and order level, and communicate directly with a Vestas sales representative by using the commenting function.

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Service offerings on Shop.Vestas

Shop.Vestas is not only about spare parts.

Browse among a diverse range of more than 45 service offerings for your wind turbines.

Request a service quote directly online and a Vestas representative will get back to you with an offer on service, price and execution date.

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